When a rural Appalachian community comes to believe that the illnesses that almost killed them may not be an act of God but of environmental wrongdoing, locals take on major coal company Massey Energy over contaminated water that they charge is the cause of widespread sickness.

Coal Rush is a documentary-film that takes place in West Virginia, yet serves as a cautionary tale for a world heavily relying on fossil fuels that come with a hefty price for society. The film, bringing to light one of the worst yet least publicized US industrial contamination disasters, focuses on courageous Appalachians who fight to defend their human right to clean water — and persevere in their quest for truth and justice.

Coal rush dramatizes the human and societal costs a democracy faces when it relies on cheap energy, and rings an alarm bell on the environmental hazards potentially affecting any of us - rural or urban.

(A 90 mins work by Lorena Luciano & Filippo Piscopo - Film 2 Productions)